Treaty Rock Farm USDA Approved Beef

Treaty Rock Beef from Treaty Rock Farm

We take pride in raising our beef

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Our cattle are Hereford/Devon cross. They eat only grass and hay in accordance with their natural ruminant design – they are not given corn or grain or other feed supplements at any time ever.  Our animals are rotated on 4 pastures totaling 100 acres on the Sakonnet River in Little Compton, RI.  Pure grass-fed beef has a rich beef flavor and is a healthy choice since it is full of unsaturated fats and high in Omega-3, Vitamin E and beneficial antioxidants.

  • Treaty Rock Beef, Little Compton RI
  • Treaty Rock Beef, Organic Beef in Rhode Island

In contrast, corn-fed beef is high in saturated fats linked to coronary heart disease.  The “good fat” to “bad fat” ratio is 5-7 times better in grass-fed animals than in grain or corn fed animals.  The one knock on grass-fed beef has been that it is too lean and too tough.  Not Treaty Rock beef !!

We fatten our cattle an extra year,
slaughtering at 2 1/2 – 3 years of age rather than 1 1/2 – 2 years which is typical for other beef operations. The animals put on weight slowly and naturally developing excellent intramuscular fat (marbling) in their third year.  Our grass in Little Compton is lush and sweet, enabling the cattle to fatten up beautifully.  The increased weight allows the animals to hang (age) well.  Our beef is dry-aged 21 days prior to processing and comes to you vacuum-sealed and USDA stamped.  It tastes fantastic and is much better for you than feedlot-raised animals given a corn or grain-supplemented diet.

Beef grown in feedlot conditions frequently have foot problems and digestive problems (from their overly enriched diet) requiring medication.  Animals are sometimes given growth hormones in order to bring them to market weight more quickly.  Some of the feed supplements they receive include stale candy and animal by-products from hog and chicken processing facilities.

There are other beef operations that raise the animals on pasture and then “finish” the animals on grain/corn/barley for the last 100 days prior to slaughter. This feeding system gets the animals to market by 2 years of age but robs the meat of most of its healthy benefits.  Grain-finishing reduces beta-carotene in the pastured meat by 97% and good Omega-3 fatty acids by 75% while increasing the abundance of Omega-6 saturated fats linked to heart disease. Our aged grass-fed beef is as healthy for you as wild venison with good fats high in Omega-3 and CLA (conjugated lineolic acid) which are antioxidants. Treaty Rock beef is healthy and delicious with strong rich flavor.

The steaks and burger are tasty just rubbed with a little olive oil, salt & pepper.  Just don’t overcook them!! The chuck and brisket and shank are best in a slow-cook or braising preparation. The top round (London broil) has amazing flavor and benefits greatly from an acid-based marinade treatment (vinegar or soy or citrus).

Our cattle are grown slowly and naturally the way Nature intended. Chefs love our product!! Ask for Treaty Rock beef at New Rivers and Local 121 in Providence, Trio in Narragansett and The Mews Tavern in Wakefield.  Our steaks and flanks are on the menu at Castle Hill Inn and at The Mooring in Newport.  Enclosed find price list.


PREMIUM Natural 100% Grass Fed Local Beef
Aged 21 days – Pastured Beef from Little Compton, RI
No Grain – No Corn – No Soy – No Growth Hormones

(Note: We will include FREE package of Ground Beef
with every 5 lbs. purchased)

New York Strip – $14.50 / lb.
Sirloin Steak – $14.50 / lb.
Tenderloin – $19.50 / lb.
Butt Tenderloin – $19.50 / lb.
T-Bone Steak – $18.50 / lb.
Porterhouse Steak – $18.50 / lb.
Ribeye Steak – $18.50 / lb.

London Broil – $12.50 / lb.

Top Round – $11.50 / lb.
Flank Steak – $11.00 / lb.

Eye of Round Steak & Roast – $10.50 / lb.
Bottom Round Steak – $9.50 / lb.
Short Ribs – $9.50 / lb.
Chuck Steak & Roast – $8.50 / lb.
Brisket & Beef Shank – $8.50 / lb.
Skirt, Flat Iron & Hanger Steak – $8.50 / lb.
Ground Beef & Patties – $6.50 / lb.
Liver, Heart, Tongue – $5.00 / lb