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Hello Farmers Market Friends:

The Treaty Rock Farm family was pleased to learn this week that Chef Jon Cambra will be featuring our beef this coming Friday Feb. 18th at his weekly “Foodies and Farmers” program at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.

Built in 1874, the Inn occupies the oceanfront summer residence of famed 19th-century Harvard University marine biologist Alexander Agassiz.  The rugged 40-acre property overlooking the West Passage and Newport Bridge functioned as an important scientific laboratory before the construction of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Today the Inn, gardens, lighthouse and Beach Cottages offer guests a getaway to the warmth and quiet luxury of Victorian-era seacoast life.

Chef Cambra, a strong supporter of sustainable local agriculture, has long been a friend of small family farms.  Every Friday in February, Jon’s talented staff will be presenting a 3-course prix fixe menu that highlights an area farm growing animals LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY.  Chef Cambra was one of the first professionals to take notice of our outstanding 100% grass-fed & dry-aged beef.  His dedicated team has demonstrated the skill to work not only with our top-end steaks but also with some of the less tender cuts from the working ends of the animal, turning them into remarkable art that speaks to time and place in a memorable way.  Chef’s preparations feature the powerful flavor that defines our product and surprises many diners who have yet to find their way to the Gospel of Grass.

Jon’s inspired efforts complement the iconic status of Rhode Island’s most scenic dining room, managing to tell an elegant and authentic story without being overwrought.  His offerings vary with the seasons – from the rich stocks and long braising of winter comfort food to lighter, more nuanced profiles of a summer repast paired with cool accompanying sides and salads.  We bring a similar passion to our animal husbandry and are honored that he would feature our beef within the pages of his narrative.  We have been invited to join his chefs in the kitchen on Friday as they work their magic and circulate through the dining room to chat with guests interested in hearing a bit about rotational grazing methods, farm history and our commitment to Red Devon cattle, an historic breed that converts high-quality meat on a pure grass-fed diet.  FARM FACT – Devons are the oldest breed of cattle in North America.  The docile “Red Rubies” first arrived to the Plymouth Colony in 1623 on the seagoing vessel Charity, providing milk, meat and muscle for the newcomers.  Their calm demeanor made them an important all-purpose breed that could do much of the heavy work involved in changing the landscape to fit with a European view of the world.

Guests on Friday can expect to tuck into :
Narragansett Creamery Cheese Agnolotti – Czajkowski Farm sweet potato puree & parsnips, Steve’s sunflower greens

He’ll back that up with :
Treaty Rock Grass-Fed Beef – Wood Smoked Rib Eye & Short Rib “Pot Roast”, Schartner Farms carrots & winter vegetables

Finally head for the barn with :
Tarte Tatin – HIll Orchard Apples, Rhody Fresh Dairy sea-salt – thyme ice cream

$55.00 per person, tax and gratuity additional

You can reach the helpful staff who will be pleased to accommodate your reservation at :
(401) 849-3800 or email

See you there.

Respecting the Protein,


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