Cowboy Rewards Loyalty Program

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Howdy Pardners:

At Treaty Rock Farm we’re mighty proud of the fact that when the ranch hands at your spread are fixin’ to put on the feedbag they’ll find our 100% grass-fed, dry-aged beef on their plates.  We’ve heard that fellas come in from Eagle Rock clear over to Devil’s Gulch when the chuck wagon bell starts to ringin’.  Maybe they’re plum tired of boiled armadillo or ragout of rattlesnake or maybe our beef is just damned good !!

Anyway, one night before rolling out our blankets under the stars we got to figgerin’ how best to let our loyal customers know we think they’re finer than a hat full of cool spring water on a hot summer day.  Curly thought maybe he could stop by and show you some rope tricks.  Cliff allowed that he might be willing to teach you how to yodel the dirty verses to “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.  While those are noble gestures to be sure, I thought that perhaps a cowboy-themed, loyalty-based FREE BEEF PROGRAM might be a good place to start.

So starting Christmas Week (South Kingstown Farmers Market will be held Wed 12/22 and Wed. 12/29 from 3:00PM – 6:00 PM since the holidays fall on Saturday this year) we will institute the Cowboy Rewards Loyalty Program.  We have always admired this iconic symbol of the American working landscape.  The cowboy’s loyalty and dedication to the land leads him to willingly risk his safety and sacrifice his comfort for the animals in his (or her) care.  He is ready to help a neighbor or stand and fight.  We thought we’d base the THREE-TIERED REWARD PROGRAM on the rodeo cattle events recognized by the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association).  Anyone familiar with Ty Murray or the late great Lane Frost knows that the grit, work ethic and athleticism displayed by their kind are rare to find these days.  We admire champions like Justin McBride who competed in the Finals one year with a broken tibia.

So here’s how it works:  Starting on 12/22/10 I will record names of all purchasers and purchase amount (if you wish) whenever you buy something from Treaty Rock Farm.  Whenever your running total adds up to $100 you’ll be named a CALF ROPER and receive a FREE package of Ground Beef OR you can let it ride.  When your total adds up to $200 you’ll be named a STEER WRESTLER and receive a FREE Sirloin Steak OR you can let it ride.  When your total adds up to $500 you’ll be named a BULL RIDER and receive 2 FREE Bone-In Rib Eye or Porterhouse Steaks (your choice).  No cards to remember or punch.  No expiration date.  I’ll keep a notebook at the booth and record the info for those who choose to participate.

Respecting the Protein,  PMB

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