My Supper Has A First Name

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My son and I attended an organizational meeting last evening for the RI Raised Livestock Association annual Fundraising Dinner to be called the Carnivores Carnival.  Thought I would mention it since each of you who (1) value local natural seasonal food and (2) make the conscious choice of “mindful eating” would surely groove to this inspiring scene.  
Early planning stages indicate a casual evening event to be held at one of our local vineyards on a Sunday in September or October.  Various association member farms will be paired at tasting stations with outstanding RI chefs who feature locally raised produce and donated animal protein.  Guests will mingle, meet the farmers and see photo displays depicting the operations / philosophies / methods mounted throughout the event so as to encourage discourse between non-member public and farm members.
The featured farms who donate product for the tasting stations will enjoy publicity and accolades by having their meat in such skilled hands.  Could anything be more exciting ??  I’m pleased to note that 4 of the 6 chefs in the discussion are already customers of Treaty Rock Farm 100% grass-fed dry aged beef.  Colin and I shared a silent high-five. 
In the past our events had the feeling of a Farm Supper for members only but this year the Association wants to acknowledge and celebrate with the public who supports our hard work and buys our products.  Ticket prices and dates still very much in early developmental stage.  There will likely be a supporter level ticket that would be paired with some great premium prizes / discounts at member farms / participating restaurants etc.  Any ideas ??
I will be happy to keep interested parties appraised of details and date for the Carnivores Carnival upon request.
So anyway, other local farms specializing in produce / cheese / seafood aquaculture will likely be involved via the chef stations but will not take over the primary function of the event recognizing local animal husbandry operations – Quality of life = Quality of meat. 
We acknowledge the ultimate gift, accept it humbly and with respect and reverance.  We don’t shy away from the fact that we have our animals killed – we walk the last mile with them and stand in witness to the dignity of their lives.  We are proud of our product and need to bring people in contact with that mortality and, by extension, their own mortality.  This is why so many people say “I just don’t want to know where it comes from.”  Well guess what ??  Our kids need to know.
This past week for Farmers Market I butterflied and stuffed Medallions of Eye Round Bafana Befana style with the South African futbol team colors in an exuberant moment of World Cup fever.  I roasted some yellow peppers rubbed with olive oil under the broiler for 15 minutes turning regularly.  Sauteed some spinach in olive oil, salt and pepper with a splash of balsamic vinegar for 4 minutes till just wilted.  Let the spinach cool.  Pull the skins and remove the seeds.  Make little sandwiches of pepper / spinach / pepper and place in the butterflied and seasoned eye round.  Toothpick closed and cook for 30 minutes at 375.  Perfect medium with the green and gold layered when you cut into it.
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We are proud to produce 100% grass-fed dry aged beef LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY.
Respecting the Protein,  PMB

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