Good Grass, man

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Twenty-some years ago these words would have found me along with friends Benny and Zippy in a college dorm room cleaning a bag of pot on an opened up “Yes” album cover or maybe “Frampton Comes Alive”.  Now entering the middle part of middle age, my botanical pursuits have taken a tamer turn, leading me to spend my time visiting the garden center and tending the backyard veggie patch.  
But I still gets excited about really good grass, the kind you find along the Sakonnet River in Little Compton, RI.  Cool moist ocean air and mild coastal temps create the perfect conditions for growing the good stuff.  Here Treaty Rock Farm is fortunate to maintain 100 acres of pasture for our beef herd.  It was just last summer that I tasted some outstanding 100% grass-finished steaks and burger for the first time.  The flavor was amazing and inspired me to embark on a journey marketing and sharing my passion for this top-quality, back-to-basics beef operation.  We take a longer time bringing an animal to market than most other beef producers and sometimes struggle with maintaining inventory levels.  We respect the animal’s natural design and feed them only grass and hay – items that they naturally eat.
I took a walk in the field the other day with my friend Jennifer to see the herd and take some photos (see below).  We wanted to contrast our beautiful healthy animals with the confined feedlot operations of the Midwest (delivering corn, grain, antibiotics & high-calorie supplements containing fish meal and chicken feathers) that typify the vast majority of our nation’s protein foodstream.  Feedlot methods create unhealthy animals that put on fat quickly that is unhealthy for us.
Treay Rock Farm is proud to produce 100% grass-fed dry aged beef LOCALLY, NATURALLY & HUMANELY.  See you soon.
Respecting the Protein, PMB

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